Research Based

SML has been rigorously tested over 40 years within organisations and education

People As Individuals

Everyone is different and how people learn and what they need to learn is different


There are at least 89 different ways people learn – find out what works for you

A Strategic Approach

A structured approach to help adults and young people tailor their learning towards achieving their goals

The Centre For Self Managed Learning

The Centre for Self Managed Learning (CSML) is a UK registered charity. The Centre was established as a non-profit organisation in 1993 and was granted charitable status in 2005

Self Managed Learning (SML) is a unique, research-based and practically proven approach to learning that delivers significant benefits over conventional methods.

The charity is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of people who have a deep commitment to SML, most of whom have personally experienced the approach.

Our aim is to develop and promote the wider use of Self Managed Learning for people of all ages, in all sectors of society. We are dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of learning in society by continuing the development of the methods and application of SML

  • Providing free access to information, research, news and articles about SML
  • Collaborating with universities and other bodies on new research and publications
  • Creating events, workshops and conferences to increase levels of understanding
  • Providing programmes for different sectors

Case Studies

Sainsbury’s Personnel Development

Designed to facilitate a major shift in the way the function worked, the process was ultimately rolled out to 180 managers initially and 520 HR professionals over the following 2 years.

ST Luke’s School

St Lukes decided to pilot the process for a mixed gender group of six year 10 students. The potential participants chosen were seen as students who could achieve more and perceived as perhaps lacking in confidence.

Lifelong Learning in Ericsson

The SML approach was chosen to facilitate a change of culture to lifelong learning inline with the organisation’s strategic direction and local strategy and became an integral part of the graduate scheme.