Ericsson Self Managed Learning Programme

Just over a year ago, a group of managers in Ericssons’s Public Systems operation embarked on a journey that started with strategic learning contracts and developed into working in sets. The programme was seen as so successful that an SML programme was launched for all staff within the division.

Still driven by the line managers (particularly Rob Lines), and now supported by the Learning Solutions team within Ericsson, approximately 60 people attended a start-up event in May and are now up and running as learning sets. Sets are made up of individuals from different departments and across all levels from graduate engineers through to departmental managers. Most sets have an external set adviser (Ben Bennett, Ian Cunningham, Graham Dawes and Anne Gimson) and will be working together until January 1999.

Rob has obtained some interim views about the programme through questionnaires and focus groups which has been very positive from 95% of participants. We will hopefully be able to share this feedback with you in a future Newsletter (perhaps, Rob, you would like to pen a few lines?).

On the basis of this feedback, Rob is looking to get a further group of up to 30 people going in October. Fifteen people had already indicated their interest at the last start-up and have been on a ‘waiting list’ since then!

If anyone would like further information about the programme, please contact Anne Gimson.