Evaluating Beyond Best Practice

MeasureThe title ‘Beyond Best Practice’ has been used for an innovative programme in KPMG. This development programme has been going for a couple of years now and is designed for ‘Lead Partners’ within the firm. Lead Partners are those partners who handle major client accounts adn have to lead teams of people, including other partners, in serving the needs of these clients. The firm had identified that these partners needed to make a major leap in their client relationship capabilities. Ian Cunningham had been involved in the design of the programme and he was asked by the firm to assist one of their senior people, Jennifer Cramb, in conducting an evaluation of the programme.

A brief summary of the results of this evaluation was published recently in ‘PEOPLE Management’ (the journal of the Institute of Personnel and Development). the evaluation showed that the SML principles used in the programme had worked. Partners carried out creative activities during the five months of the programme and these had been shown to make significant contributions to the firm’s capabilities.

If anyone did not see the published article, copies are available from the Centre. Or you can contact Ian Cunningham. for more information.