‘New Faces’ Join the Board of the Centre – Part One

faceWe are pleased to announce that Marcia Fellows, of Arun District Council, and Liz Barlow, of Mortgage Express, have agreed to join the board of directors of the Centre for Self Managed Learning. As founder members of the Network, Marcia and Liz have been key contributors to developing our activities and we are sure will bring fresh perspectives and insights to the board on how we might develop our activities and the Network in the future.

In this issue we are profiling Liz Barlow and will providing a ‘pen picture’ of Marcia Fellows in issue No. 10.

Liz Barlow

Liz developed an interest in Self Managed Learning through completing an MSc in Managing Change using the SML framework and has been a member of the Network since 1994.

Currently her business role is Legal & Recovery Operations Manager for 1996 UK Quality Award winners, Mortgage Express (now part of the Bradford and Bingley Building Society Group). Liz started her career with Lloyds Bank and went on to spend 12 years with the Employment Service in a variety of line management and development roles. Following a secondment to Mortgage Express, she joined the company to set up the first in-house debt counselling service run by a mortgage lender, and has been an operational manager involved in collections for the last seven years.

More recently, she has been involved in company-wide initiatives such as changing the culture, improving quality (Mortgage Express were 1996 UK Quality Award winners), staff development and improving leadership abilities in the organisation.