New Programme for the NHS in Scotland

‘Strategic Developments’ was appointed, from a competitive tender, to provide an SML programme for potential Chief Executives of NHS Trusts in Scotland. The contract is initially for a programme for one set, to last into the summer of 1997. The participants in the learning group were chosen as a result of a selection process involving 360 degree feedback. Seven people were picked from twenty applicants. The seven are all Directors of Trusts; three are women and four are men.

The programme started with a two-day session at the end of November 1996 in Edinburgh. Part of the time was spent doing the usual activities in a start-up, including individual work on strategic learning contracts. However a different feature was the requirement for the set members to work together on a strategic project for the Chief Executive of the NHS in Scotland, Geoff Scaife.

Set members will be working as a team to advise Geoff Scaife on actions he should undertake to enhance the working of new primary healthcare organisations. Given the none of the set members have experience of working in this sector of the NHS, it should prove a challenging assignment. The objective of it is to take people out of their ‘comfort zones’ and stretch them to work on issues of strategic importance to the NHS in Scotland.

Further information on this programme can be obtained from Ian Cunningham, who is acting as set adviser or Ben Bennett who is managing the programme.